Volunteering Opportunities 2024


The LBC team is growing!

Do you enjoy improving yourself and those around you? Is making a difference and creating meaningful work important to you? Could you use more leadership, entrepreneurial, or creative control experience to help get you to the next level in your career?

If you answered yes to any of those, we may have a role for you.

At the Lethbridge Boxing Club, we use boxing as a way to foster values, respect, character building, and confidence, while providing a welcoming environment for all. For some, this helps keep them off the streets. For others, it provides a tool to navigate mental health issues. For many, the discipline and hard work here acts as a catalyst for greater things outside the club.

Since 1937, the LBC relies on volunteers to help carry out this mission.

This is what we look for in our volunteers and members alike:

  • Integrity and Transparency (please only commit to what you WANT and CAN commit to)
  • Humility and Respect (no matter how good we think we are, there is always something someone can teach us)
  • Positive Attitude (energy is contagious)
  • Team-ability and Communication (make less assumptions, ask more questions, and try to help more than
    you get helped)

We can teach you the hard skills and the technical side of boxing, but volunteers must show up with drive to become better at these softer aspects.

In exchange, each volunteer gets:

  1. Free Club Membership ($1300/annual value)
  2. Discounted memberships for family (30% off)
  3. Freedom and Power to create

Build your Portfolio

For those looking to build on specific skills, we offer:

Mentorship, collaboration, and freedom to test your ideas on an established brand with a growing audience of passionate fans

The positions we have at the club can be broken into 2 groups:

Boxing Coaches

  • Instruct on methods taught by the Head Coach
  • Work the focus mitts, run sparring sessions, and work with boxers tailored to your skill level
  • Travel to fights and work the corner (if applicable and agreed upon)
  • No prior experience necessary

    Club Development

    Current Openings:

    • Sponsorship Coordinator (for gear, ring, and wall space)
    • Video Editor (specifically for a list of “How To” videos)
    • Photographer (for a one-time shoot)
    • Some combination of experience and education is necessary


    A few of our volunteer coaches

    Susan teaching the Group Fitness class

    Michelle with the Little Sluggers

    Joel making them work at Power Training

    Yannick (My Vision Media) at “HeadShot Night”