Lethbridge Boxing Club


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is boxing for?

At the LBC, we cater to a wide variety of ages, abilities, and goals. Whether you are looking to lose a little weight, pick up some self defense skills, build your confidence and self-esteem, or get in the ring, we have a program for you.

Do I get a free class?

No, you get a Free Week! 😊

Do I need to be in shape?

That’s what boxing is for!

We have no minimum requirements for a first timer. While we will push you, we will also encourage you to take as many breaks as you need. Our goal isn’t too destroy you, but rather to give you just enough stimulus so that you keep progressing.

What is "Rugged Tough"?

Growing up as a boxer, Head Coach Rick Duff earned the nickname “Rugged Tough” in part due to his intense training habits. Rick wasn’t the biggest or the strongest, but what he lacked in physical traits he made up with sheer tenacity and will. 

At the club, we use this term to refer to the mental side of training. It’s one thing to be tough and have the physical qualities (power, speed, endurance), but to get to the next level – in the ring or in life – we need to be Rugged Tough. We need to be gritty and learn how to endure, especially when a fight isn’t going our way. And when we lose, we need the character values to be able to be a good sport about it, learn from it, and embrace the next challenge.

Through boxing, these are the values of “Rugged Tough-ness” that we teach:

🥊  Humility (being able to shrink the ego and take feedback)
🥊  Integrity (doing what’s right)
🥊  Adaptability  (being able to adjust and innovate to overcome obstacles) 
🥊  Teamability  (being able to work well with others)
🥊  Emotional Strength (having a positive attitude and trying to control only what we can control)

Do you have classes for beginners?

Most of our classes are designed with the beginner in mind. They include:

Group Fitness

🥊  A fully-coached class that combines boxing with a fitness routine

Non-Competitive Boxing

🥊  A semi-coached class where beginners learn the basics of shadow boxing before moving on to heavy bags, hand pads, and boxing dummies

Girl Power

🥊  A fully-coached class for women of all ages

More info can be viewed on our Class page.

Do you have classes for young kids?

For ages 4 to 7 we have our popular Little Sluggers class.

After age 8, everyone trains the same and has access to our two main programs: Competitive or Non-Competitive Boxing.

Do you have classes for adults?

We do not have an adult-only class but all our classes (with the exception of Little Sluggers) are open to adults.

Our oldest boxer is 55.

How are your classes set up?

At the LBC,  our classes are either fully-coached or semi-coached.

🥊  Fully-coached classes follow a specific start/stop time schedule and have more strict routines where everyone does the same thing. These classes include Group Fitness, Little Sluggers, Power Training, and Girl Power.

🥊  Semi-coached classes do not follow a start/stop schedule, have a less strict routine, and allow boxers to work more on what they need personally (as directed by a coach) for their own development. These classes include Competitive and Non-Competitive Boxing classes.

What amenities do you offer?

We are home to Lethbridge’s only boxing ring – a 20 foot regulation-sized elevated ring – and 2500 square feet of total space.

Our amenities include a change room, rest room, water fountain, and ample parking.

A list of our equipment can be viewed on our Club page.

What's the difference between Competitive and Non-Competitive Boxing days?

Competitive Boxing:

🥊  Mondays and Wednesdays
🥊  Geared more towards those that want to step in the ring and full-contact sparring

Non-Competitive Boxing:

🥊  Tuesdays and Thursdays
🥊  Geared more towards beginners and non-contact drills

Members are free to go to whichever days work best for their schedule (regardless if they identify as an Competitive or Non Competitive Boxer).

Do you offer private lessons?

We offer private coaching for people interested in:

🥊  Boxing only 
🥊  Boxing + Fitness 
🥊  Fitness only

More info can be found on our Personal Training page.

What are the Membership options? And what does it include?

Our Current Membership options include:

🔥 Month to Month contract: $100/mo
🔥 3 month commitment: $90/mo
🔥 6 month commitment: $85/mo
🔥 12 month commitment: $80/mo

Membership gives you unlimited access to the following classes 5 days a week:

🥊  Competitive Boxing
🥊  Non-Competitive Boxing
🥊  Group Fitness
🥊  Power Training
🥊  Open Gym

A full list of Rates & Fees can be viewed here.

Do I need to buy a Membership?

No. While Membership has it benefits, all our classes can be accessed through a drop in fee. They are as follows:

$15 drop in

🥊  Competitive, Non Competitive, Group Fitness, and Open Gym

$20 drop in

🥊  Little Sluggers and Girl Power

Do I need to have my own gloves?

While we understand it’s not realistic for each new boxer to have their own equipment to start, we do suggest bringing your own gloves and hand wraps eventually. In the meantime, you can use the club’s gear.

Stuff to know about gloves: 

🥊  Ages 4 – 7 need 6 oz
🥊  Ages 9 – 12 need 10 oz
🥊  Over 12 need 12 oz

Where to Buy:

🔥  If you are in Calgary: Classic Fight Shop
🔥  If you are in Lethbridge: Sport Check (look for the Hayabusa brand) or The LBC Shop
🔥  If you are online: Amazon (look for Rival and Everlast brands) 

What do I need to bring for my first session?

Workout clothes, good shoes, and a water bottle.

What are your hours?

Monday – Thursday:  5pm – 9pm

Friday:  6pm – 7pm

Saturday:  1pm – 4pm

For our full schedule, click here.

How can I pay?

We offer 3 options:

🥊  You can pay via our online store
🥊  At the club (Cash or Card)
🥊  Or E-Transfer Rick directly (RickDuff@hotmail.com)